An Orangutan Gave A Precious Gift To An Expecting Lady! View And Let Your Heart Melt!

Creatures bonds extraordinarily and uniquely with people. They have the ability to build fondness towards people around them. A proof of this animal and people connection is my pet. Never did he miss the chance to recognize me when I am sad or feeling really bad emotionally or physically.  He will “guard” my wellbeing with love and so much affection and sometimes he would just lay in my feet until I feel better. And my certainty about this link just turned into a more resilient faith after I’ve seen a 9 month old expecting woman who lightly pushed her tummy into the glass of the Orangutan enclosure wherein a touching response was given.
The creature with the unique reaction is a 47-year old male Orangutan bearing the name of Rajang who resides at Cochester Zoo in England.  The special moment occurred when Ms. Knight with her spouse Jamie Clark planned to stopover at Rajang’s enclosure while they are visiting the zoo. 
Knight decided that it’s going to be adorable to let her tummy touch the enclosure wall, but never did she anticipate a response coming from the Orangutan who answered by giving a sweet kiss to the tummy.
Nobody knows yet for certain what Rajang was thinking when he gave the special kiss to Masie’s tummy. But it is not hard to accept as true that they had a unique mutual link since Rajang did not give out any response when Masie’s partner Jamie thought to press his tummy on the glass wall. 
A loveable video that will definitely make your day! It’s the best one yet!


An Orangutan Gave A Precious Gift To An Expecting Lady! View And Let Your Heart Melt!
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