15 Amazing Eyeliner Hacks You Wish Should Have Known Before

There has always been an aura of mystery around that perfect winged eyeliner you watch celebrities sporting, along with of course with jealousy. How do they attain the damn look? There to be a trick of some sort. Perfection of that kind is not possible every frigging time. They might be having an army of makeup artists to their disposal but beside that, there are certainly a few amazing tricks up their sleeves. You need to try them now! 


1. Every eyeliner whether liquid, gel or pencil, serves a different purpose. Learn exactly what are they used for.

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2. Create dots close to your lash line, and then join them. Voila! Lining your eyes has never been this simple.

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3. Don’t stretch your eyelids while applying eyeliner. The only result you’ll get is a crooked line.

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4. Knowing your eye shape is the trick as it will help you in figuring out which eyeliner shape will suit your eye the best.

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5. All you have to do is tracing out the shape of your eyes and fill it in.

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15 Amazing Eyeliner Hacks You Wish Should Have Known Before
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