10 Most Venomous Killer Snakes Which Can Kill You In Minutes

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06 Dec, 2015

Snakes belong to the suborder of Serpentes. Most of the species of these carnivores reptiles are non-venomous but the snakes which have venom are the ones you should be beware of. Well, some of them are so deadly they can kill you with a single bite within minutes. Here, we have a list of the most venomous snakes in the world. Have a look!



1. Eastern Brown Snake.

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Also referred to as common brown snake, belongs to the species of venomous elapid snake. It is considered to be the second most venomous land snake. They are mostly found in New Guinea, Indonesia and Australia, so unless you live anywhere close to these places, you are safe.

2. Rattlesnake.

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Rattlesnakes have earned this name by the rattle their tails begin to do, once they feel danger and when that happen, they’ll bite you in one-tenth of a second. Yup, you’ll have no chance to escape, whatsoever. 



3. Inland Taipan.

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More dangerous than cobras, these snakes are capable of killing 100 humans with one bite. Although, they rarely attack human but it advisable that you steer clear of this one. 

4. King Cobra.

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Considered to be the most venomous of all the species, King Cobras bite can kill 20 people at a time. 



10 Most Venomous Killer Snakes Which Can Kill You In Minutes
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