Your Nails may tell you these 10 Dangerous Messages!

05 Dec, 2015

There are some basic messages that our body tells us like, when we are dehydrated, we are thirstier, and when we are more often hungry, we need more energy. Some of the things are not obvious or we can’t notice them more often. These hints which body parts give us shouldn’t be neglected. They may be serious indication of any serious disease. Nails also receive messages from our body if something goes wrong! If you want to make sure what you should look for in your nails, then follow these instructions below.



1. Hemorrhages

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It is very common to have these small brown or red lines under the nails. It indicates a tiny-ruptured blood vessel. If anyone gets it under their nails, that means they may have psoriasis, lupus or even a heart disease, according to the NHS.

2. Vertical ridges on the fingernails (Grooves)

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If your nail got suffered with any kind of surgery, these lines appear. It can also tell you that you may have zinc deficiency. according to the Mayo Clinic ,if these horizontal lines appear in your nails, you may have uncontrolled diabetes.



3. Yellow Nails!

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Yellow nails can be a sign of a lung disease. according to the Merck Manual. white nails can be a signal of cirrhosis of the liver. Some chemicals can turn the nails dark blue or gray.

4. Clubbing of the fingernails.

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According to Healthline. it is a signal of pulmonary fibrosis or may be some kind of a lung disease. 



Your Nails may tell you these 10 Dangerous Messages!
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