Keep your Vagina healthy, because it is a very important part of your body!

19 Nov, 2015



Who says that genitals are only the things to be ashamed of? According to me, these are literally the fundamental parts of our body, which needs to be healthy. Vagina is one of them, which you should take care of and keep clean. However, there are certain conditions when your vagina is doing strange things, which it shouldn’t, indicating that something is wrong! So here are the things you should know about your vagina to keep it healthy, in turn keeping yourself healthy!

2. Watch out the vaginal discharge, because it may and may not be healthy!

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Vaginal discharge is important because it carries away all the bacteria from our cervix and vagina. If the color of discharge ranges from milky white to white, and it doesn’t smell, it is said to be normal. However, if you notice a significant change in the consistency, smell or color of vaginal discharge, it may be because of the harmless fluctuations of hormones, or it may be alarming you about cervical cancer. So it is better to consult with your doctor.



3. Keep track of unusual smell from vagina!

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Of course, you can’t have really good smell from it, but it should not have unbearable smell! Because of poor hygiene, your vagina may smell stronger than normal, and inflammation in that area may cause infection or may be even cancer. So make sure to keep it clean!

4. Is it really dry? And making you feel uncomfortable?

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If you are experiencing this problem, first of all, check your age! Because a thin layer of moisture around the walls of vagina decreases after menopause. Besides the factor of your age, some medications and even hormonal changes can cause your vagina dry. In severe cases, a syndrome called as Sjogren, can cause dryness in mouth, eyes and vagina, and encourage the immune system to attack healthy tissues. If your problem persist, get it checked immediately by the doctor.

5. Burning sensation while peeing is definitely not normal!

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It should never hurt when you pee, because there is a healthy mix of bacteria in your vagina. But when some bad bacteria gets in, the problem arises there! This can be a sign of bacterial vaginosis, which should go away on its own in few days, but if it doesn’t, there’s something serious about it! This usually occurs because of STD (sexually transmitted disease).



Keep your Vagina healthy, because it is a very important part of your body!
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