Your NOSE has something to tell about you! Know what it is!

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20 Oct, 2015

Did you ever notice that everyone has different type of nose, with different shape and structure? It is because our personalities are different, which can be told by the shape and size of our nose. Check out below what your nose shape says about you!



1. The Roman nose!


The Roman nose is little bumpy from the middle of the ridge, which from the tip points downwards and depicts a person with stronger personality. These people are really good at convincing others to take actions. They are not impulsive though, but they are strong at heart, think carefully, and are very dominant! Do you think Sophia Coppola is just right for this description?

2. The Nubian Nose!

via YouTube

Wider in width and shorter in length describes this type of nose. These types of nose are very uncommon, but still have much importance than others. These personalities are very powerful, alluring, and also ambitious and creative. Is it the nose of Barack Obama?

3. The turned-up nose!


A smart nose! Slightly curved like a concave slope, and pointing its tip upwards having nice length. These people are very friendly, loving and caring for their family, and also with optimistic nature. May be she is Victoria Beckham!

4. The Greek Nose!



5. The Snub nose!

via The Guardian

This nose is long, narrows down from the ridge, and is straight! Greek nose defines people’s personalities as hard working, fact based, to the point, and quite serious. They target their goals fairly, while keeping their emotions and plans to themselves. People do exist with Greek nose, but we have found the perfect example for this, is it Michelangelo’s David?

6. The Hawk Nose!

via Wikipedia

The cute snub nose is quite small in size. People having SN are street-wise, quick-witted, and react quickly. These people are actually lively and fun loving, but they can also get aggressive at times. Lily Allen’s SN is prominent. Isn’t it?

7. The Celestial Nose!

via Rogers Movie Nation

This nose is uncommon and looks like a snub nose! The narrow and symmetrical shape of this nose from each of its side are its main attributes. These people keep struggling to achieve maturity, both physical and spiritual. They look pretty anyways, just like Carey Mulligan!

8. The Aquiline Nose!

via Elle

This pointy nose is just set at right angle, i.e. 90 degrees. These people are very attractive and sharp minded. They know all the tactics to handle any kind of situation in their life. That’s right! Harry Potter, or say Daniel Radcliff is the right person for this description.




Your NOSE has something to tell about you! Know what it is!
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